About Billable Services

Twogere features four (4) genres of Services; Free, Paid, Negotiable, Non-Negotiable

01. Free Consultations


Here consultations are free of charge to the public. Consultants who such as marketing agents, lawyers offering pro-bono time or well wishers or people who just like helping fall in this category.

If you want to join Twogere to interact and talk to people without charging them consultation, select the Free Option when filling in your form under Expert Fees.

02. Paid Consultations

Paid Consultations are set by experts who wish to be paid a fee for consulting. Consultation sessions throughout the platform are broken down into 7 Minutes, 13 Minutes and 29 Minutes.

During registration, a specialist determines whether or not he or sheshould be paid for consultation. For paid consultations we suggest a starting minimum fee for the 3 time sessions above; however the consultant may choose to increase and set his own fee.

In order to enter a session with a consultant who has set a fee, the fee will be charged and deducted to your online Twogere account, which is typically your active mobile number.

Please make sure you have updated your balance by making a mobile money payment transfer to Twogere from the mobile number you will be using for personal verification on the platform.

The Last 2 Categories apply to Suppliers and Sellers who upload ITEMS for sale.

03. Negotiable 

This option is for suppliers and sellers who want to interact with potential clients to negotiate price and provide direct information or discuss details about items they post on Twogere

negotiat (600 x 600)

These interactions may or may not result in a Sale and are somewhat dependent on the outcome of the interaction.

04. Pre-Payments


This option is selected for Suppliers who offer fixed cost items, don’t want to engage in price negotiations and also want to receive payment collection for items they offer on Twogere

This option ensures that only clients whose money has already been deducted to pay for the item, can interact with the Seller to discuss terms of delivery.

This is a time-saving feature intended to save time and secure sellers who only want to interact with clients who are comfortable making prepayments.

Note that client money is held for a limited period pending successful delivery by the seller/supplier; otherwise the Client can at any time cancel the transaction and the amount returned to his Twogere Account