Bookings enable you to schedule future meetings in case the Consultant is offline. When you select a booking, you get notified by Email and/or SMS when the consultant next gets online.
Twogere ensures that Clients who make prior bookings are first attended to; before the Consultant is made available to consult with the general public.
The steps involved in making a booking are the same steps you take to enter a consultation session with an expert.
Simply select the amount of time you wish to consult and verify your number. The amount billed will be deducted from your private mobile account before completing the request.
The difference only here is instead of being taken directly to your consulting room, a confirmation email will be sent to you showing your consultation time slot, and as soon as the consultant gets online you will be notified immediately in order to prepare for your session.
When your time slot is due, there are 2 ways of starting your consultation.
1. Simply repeat the same process of selecting the consultant and verifying your number as you would if you were going to consult an online expert
2. Wait for a notification email in your inbox with a direct link to your session
Please note; If you are not a registered expert & have never filled in any registration form, during the verification step you will be asked for a valid email account to use for sending meeting notifications.
Hope this helps :-)
Happy Consulting!