Addressing Privacy

One of the main reasons a lot of folks use brokers even when they don’t want to, is the issue is having their private information thrown out into the wild all in the name of making one small sale. If you have ONE house and just need a life long tenant, you may not want all your personal email, whatsapp, phone numbers etc. going out.

Having to get rid of that information from public after the transaction is over can be difficult if not near-impossible, which is why people often resort to using middlemen.


Now I’m not against brokers, but sometimes I’d rather have the clients discuss with me directly than have to deal with all the commissions and time wastage involved with including third parties, especially if we’re dealing with low margin items or i’m working on a tight budget, and I’m simply looking to directly interact with my potential customers.

Here is one of the ways we can clearly help. By offering secure video room links, you no longer have to worry about your private information leaking into the wrong hands. You also eliminate the need to go through multiple brokers/middlemen to get to your sale done.

Simply describe the product or service you’re offering on the portal by going to [this link] and then your potential clients will be able to interact with you directly through video on our portal. You now only need to get into a virtual room, evaluate who the potential client is, discuss directly and when you both come to an agreement, then you are at leisure to exchange any more information to complete the transaction.

That’s all there is to it. Eliminate the need for unnecessary middlemen, don’t give out your personal information until you feel you have found your client.

Best of Luck!