Twogere is a direct Communication Portal built from the ground up with security, anonymity and privacy as major concerns. We therefore use 2-factor/step authentication for every service a user needs to access.
This helps prevent against cyber threats such as session hijacking and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks since it requires users to verify their identity using better alternatives than simply using a password to access our services.

Users can remain anonymous to eachother however Twogere requires that you to authenticate to the platform before entering meeting rooms in order to minimize abuse of service and eliminate impersonation attacks.
Since this platform is built on trust, we need to verify your identity in order to convey trust to the people you interact with, without them necessarily knowing who you are.

Twogere provides a bridge to link clients directly to service providers without disclosing either party’s personal or contact information as they interact in meeting rooms.

More Information on Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor authentication has been around for some time now, it is a practical way to add further security to the user authentication sequence

There are currently three main ways a user can be authenticated:

1. Something the user knows (PIN, Password, Secret)

2. Something the user owns (Mobile Phone, Device)

3. Something the user is (Biometric, retina, fingerprint)

Two Factor authentication can be a combination of any two of the above three ways. Twogere currently applies technologies made from points 1 and 2.

The verification sequence requires a unique auto-generated password and a passcode sent by us via Mobile to be entered by the user. Providing separate factors of user authentication results in real-time protection to our clients.

Leveraging something the user already has, allows a seamless and cost effective solution for Two Factor authentication to be implemented.


Book Appointments with Experts, Sellers or Job Providers in case you find them unavailable or offline.
As Soon as the provider gets online, you will be notified by email, telegram, SMS among othe rcommunication medias. Your meeting requests will be given priority according to the booking schedule and attended to first by the Consultant/seller before he/she attends to other clients. Learn more about bookings from FAQS/Bookings


Twogere-PAY enables seamless [anonymous] payment transfers between service providers and their clients. If an item has Twogere-PAY enabled, you can purchase it by selecting it & jumping into a Meeting Room to discuss with the Seller.
After the item has been delivered, confirm to us you are satisfied & we will handle the rest for you

If you are a Seller, simply enable Twogere-PAY when uploading items, focus on speedy delivery & exceeding clients’ expectations.
We ensure clients who order your items are credit worthy & also secure your payments pending buyer’s confirmation of successful delivery. Learn more about Twogere Pay from FAQS/Twogere-Pay