Have a One-on-One with an Expert

If you’re feeling under the weather and need to see a doctor, often times you’ll have to hop into your car and drive to line up and queue at a physical office.

However, now our online platform of experts is offering a way for people to speak with professionals 24/7 using video technology for as little as 3000/=.
The whole process is relatively easy to follow.

  1. Browse through our catalog of currently available experts and pick a preferred specialist.
  2. Choose how long you wish to consult, depending on the time you select the corresponding consultation fee will be shown to you. Separately, using mobile money pay the consultation fee to the displayed Business Phone Number.
  3. Once your payment is complete, proceed to the checkout page, you will be asked to input the Mobile Money Number you used in the step above to make the payment.
    On confirmation a Room URL will be displayed which will take you directly into a Virtual Meeting Room where you will see and can begin consulting.

Insurance Cover

For clients of our partner Insurance Providers, insurance maybe used to cover the specialist consultation fee. In this scenario, in lieu of using your Mobile Money Phone Number, you will be asked to input your Insurance Number during the verification process to complete the transaction.