TWOGERE Expert Setup Guide

If you plan to use a Desktop or Laptop first Install Google Authenticator App from Google Play or AppStore on your Personal Mobile

(Make sure you fill in the Registration Form before continuing)

STEP 1: Activate your Expert Profile

i. Enter the Meeting Room on the Device you plan to use for Client Meetings

ii. Open the Side Menu by clicking the Button at the Right Hand Corner of your Virtual Meeting Room

iii. Push the Phone Verification button to receive a One-Time Setup Password via SMS

STEP 2: (Optional) Setup Secure Authentication

If you plan to use a Desktop or Laptop and have already installed the Authenticator App on a Separate Mobile Device

a. Open the App and push the Begin button to start the configuration
b. Select Scan a Barcode option & scan the barcode displayed in the Meeting Room
c. Punch in the Six (6) digit time-generated code on your device to Complete Setup

Your device will be synced and ready to be used for future login.

STEP 3: Get Online

Push the Get ONLINE Button to put your Expert Profile(s) Online & begin live meetings with remote clients

If prompted, please accept your browser’s request for permission to your media devices (Camera & Microphone)

For Subsequent Visits

After entering the Meeting Room, Push the Authentication Button under the Side Menu & use the time based Code from your Authenticator App to login

Always remember to include the Country Code if prompted to enter your Mobile Number during Authentication

For more, meet us in our Online Virtual Office

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