Twogere is a modern e-Commerce & Networking Platform where people can interact face-to-face as well as pay for goods & services online without having to publish or exchange personal information such as mobile phone contacts, email, twitter, whatsapp, facebook, bank accounts, credit card numbers, physical addresses etc.

We provide free virtual meeting rooms where consultants, specialists, traders -just about anyone- can meet to transact as well as make online payments transfers while protecting your privacy

We designed several services to reinforce this philosophy and make it easy for you to transact securely with anyone, any time & at your convenience.
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Easy Transfer via Mobile Money

You need to fund your Twogere Account in order to make payments to specialists who charge consultation fees or for direct item purchases facilitated by Twogere-PAY our Online Payment Service

Simply go to the Main Site under the Services Menu to
begin the process

Shortly after submitting the topup request, you will receive an on-screen notification on your mobile phone requesting you to authorize the transfer.
Once you complete the transaction, your Twogere Balance will be automatically updated. —You can always check your account balance to verify successful transfer


Transfer your Earnings via Mobile Money

Earnings you make on Twogeresuch as consultation fees you charge or payment receipts for your items you sell through Twogere-PAY can be easily transferred to your mobile money account

To make a withdrawal, simply go to the Main Site Services Menu under Client Services
Immediately after phone verification and specifying the amount to transfer, the transaction will be concluded and your current balance updated.

You will also receive confirmation via SMS or USSD of the funds transfer from the Mobile Money Network Provider


All transactions are verified via Mobile

An account is created for you the first time you go through SMS verification to access a service. This enables you to easily carry out transactions, make and receive payments, as well as manage your uploads — Whenever you get online or go offline, your Presence information is reflected in real time, on your items so clients can able to know whether or not you are available for meetings

You can easily fund your Twogere Account using Mobile Money in order to participate in transactions involving Twogere-PAY, our Online Payment Service. You can also request instant cash withdrawals to your Mobile Money Number from any earnings you make.

Finally, in order to receive service notifications e.g. client booking requests, reminders etc. you will be asked to provide a working email to attach to your Twogere account.
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Our Amazing Integrated Online Payment Service

This provision enables easy [anonymous] payment transfers between service providers and their clients.
If a service or item is Twogere-PAY enabled, you can pay for it directly from your Twogere Account after selecting it.
The process is handled seamlessly by Twogere between client and Provider accounts without the need to exchange any personal identifying information between parties. When meeting a Paid Expert for example, consultation fees will be transferred automatically just before the session begins

To activate this service as a Provider, simply choose the Twogere-PAY option when filling in your profiles or submitting upload forms for items for sale and auction.

Note that for item purchases; payment transfers can only be fully concluded when we receive confirmation from the buyer of successful item delivery and receipt


Meet. Consult. Securely

Twogere virtual rooms are designed to enhance productivity with voice, video and text chat capabilities. You can also send and receive files. The Meetings are timed and expire once the session is done or if you are a provider, when the time you specified to stay online ends.
There is a voice enabled AI Assistant to guide you as you access different features inside your meeting room as well.

As a Provider, you can go offline or online at will and your presence / status information will automatically be updated for clients and visitors who view your uploads.

Inside the room, users can also browse different service categories and click items to interact with providers who are available.

Additional services can be accessed within the virtual rooms such as phone Verification for user authentication when performing sensitive operations, Twogere Account TopUp, initiating cash Withdrawals to Mobile Money, managing Twogere-PAY transactions, Account Balance checks and much more.

If you haven't already, quickly dash to the Main Site to experience your Free Meeting Room :-)  

Wish you fruitful Sessions!  


A 24 Hour Meeting Room For Premium Clients

Premium rooms are free virtual rooms that can be reused for unlimited meetings throughout the day but expire at midnight.

As a Premium subscriber, you can access your own free virtual room and forward the link to anyone you wish to engage with privately for much longer.
This will give you better flexibility to schedule one-on-one sessions and engage your loyal clients, associates, friends and family

Please note that Premium Virtual Rooms are not designed to be used for billing consultation.


Enable Bookings | Schedule Meetings Increase Your Availability

Bookings are a wonderful time saver to aid clients reconnect with you if you are offline.
When a client submits a booking request on your profile or item, you receive confirmation by email or telegram and once you get back online they are immediately notified and given priority to meet you.

Twogere also has provision for you to indicate to your visitors and clients when you will next be available for meetings in case they find you offline


Find Ready Market Easy

Twogere addresses a number of pressing challenges in delivery of critical services such as health, education, legal, finance and much more — by providing a centralized direct marketing platform where providers can easily be found.

This presents an awesome opportunity for you as a Service Provider or Seller looking for ready market as potential customers don't need to know your contact details prior to meeting you.
Twogere also reduces startup costs required for anyone to setup a business by making it easy to work from the comfort of your home and still Earn BIG.

To get started as an expert or if you have an item to sell or auction, quickly dash to the Main Site, fill in the relevant upload form, then follow any Get Online link to enter your free virtual room and begin meeting clients who view your expert profile or items.

With our Twogere-Pay service, all your payment transaction needs are automatically handled for you so all you need to do is focus on exceeding your clients' expectations.


Encryption. Anonymity.

With Twogere, you nolonger need to maintain a contacts directory nor share sensitive personal information in order to carry out business online. Simply enter a virtual meeting room to browse different categories of experts or items of interest and select one to begin interacting with the provider.

During meetings all sessions are encrypted for maximum privacy and conversations anonymous by default.

Your mobile number and Email are only used for authentication and sending notifications respectively. They are considered private and never displayed or forwarded to the folks you interact with.

You can also engage in e-commerce transactions such as buying and selling items, as well as pay consultation fees all without exchanging any personal financial information with other parties
It is up to you to reveal your identity during meetings as and when you wish.
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Submit Provider Reviews

Share Experiences

The best way to let other users know about your experience with a consultant, service provider or seller is to leave a review. Reviews are extremely valuable to other users when they are researching professionals to consult.
You are welcome to leave feedback each you meet an individual expert or service provider. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can leave, as long as each review is about a unique experience.

When submitting a review, you may choose whether to provide a name for reference or appear anonymous. Reviews can only be submitted by clients from their meeting rooms during or after a session.

Your review will be displayed directly on the Expert's profile or in the Additional Details section of the item you selected before starting the meeting.

Thank you for Choosing Twogere

Buy & Sell Securely

Transfer your Earnings to Mobile Money

Twogere-PAY is a novel Service that enables Vendors to receive instant payment for Items they offer for Sale. Instead of physically meeting Clients to receive payment, transfers are made by Twogere on behalf of the Buyer directly to the Seller’s Twogere account.
No personal / financial information needs to be exchanged by the parties for this to happen; and Earnings can be withdrawn at any time via Mobile Money

By using Twogere-PAY, sellers need only focus on speedy delivery and customer satisfaction confident that the clients they interact with are well able to pay for items ordered, and all payment processes are handled effortlessly and transparently by Twogere

Note that Payment transfers can only be concluded once the Buyer confirms delivery otherwise if delivery confirmation time is exceeded, the transaction will be cancelled, both parties notified & the funds returned to the Client

Verify Payment

Bridging African Communities through Trade

When you use Twogere-PAY to purchase items, Payments are withheld until you confirms delivery, via a Payment Release Code to us.
Otherwise if delivery confirmation time is exceeded, the transaction is cancelled and the funds returned to your Twogere Account


Payment Release Codes

Easily Confirm Item Delivery

Twogere uses dynamic (payment release) codes to realize easy, anonymous & secure online payment transactions.

When a buyer chooses an item that is Twogere-PAY enabled, the sale price is immediately deducted from his Twogere account and temporarily held until he uses a payment release code associated with the transaction to confirm successful delivery of the item ordered & thus finalize transfer of funds to the seller's Twogere Account

The Code is displayed to the Client just before entering the meeting room to discuss delivery, and is visible to all parties inside their virtual rooms.
A notification message is also sent to both by email, SMS or telegram for easy reference; however only the buyer can use it on the Twogere Website — before the agreed delivery time expires to confirm delivery

A simpler provision also exists inside the Buyer's Virtual Room. This option automatically uses the associated Payment Release Code to quickly and easily conclude the transaction.


Verify your Uploads

To help protect against impersonation you will need to confirm items you submit using upload forms on the Twogere website

The activation option is provided inside your virtual meeting room under the My Uploads section on the side-menu

Simply select the item you have recently uploaded, and click ACTIVATE to confirm.


Experience Twogere

Currently Twogere offers 2 Annual subscription plans —Basic and Premium
The default Account subscription is Basic. However as a New User, you get to experience Premium Service for free for 1 Year.

In order to upgrade from Basic to Premium, simply TopUp your account to cover the subscription cost & go to the Upgrade Subscription link under the Main website Menu.
The different plans are differentiated by —

  • The number of meeting minutes per session
  • The Total Consultations or Meetings per Year
  • The number of uploads per month
  • The Total number of uploads per Year
  • The maximum days uploads can be kept online
  • The maximum asking price for uploaded items

Please visit The Subscriptions Page to view more information about individual plans.

Thank You for Choosing Twogere!


Join Twogere as a Service Provider

The Upload forms are generally divided into 2 sections. The first part deals with the general purpose of the upload form while the second part collects information related to Twogere specific services. —