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Twogere provides free virtual meeting rooms designed to enhance productivity with video and text chat capabilities. You can also send and receive files.
The Meetings are timed and expire once a session is done. There is also a voice enabled AI Assistant to guide you as you access different features inside your meeting room.

An account is created for you the first time you use SMS verification to access a service. This enables you to participate in transactions, make and receive payments, receive meeting notices, as well as manage your uploads —

This feature enables seamless [anonymous] payment transfers between service providers and their clients.

If a service or item is Twogere-PAY enabled, you can pay for it directly from your Virtual Room after selecting it.
The process is handled seamlessly by Twogere between client and Provider accounts without the need to exchange any personal information between parties.

You need to fund your Twogere Account in order to make payments to specialists who charge consultation fees or for direct item purchases facilitated by Twogere-PAY

Twogere offers Annual subscription plans: The Free and Premium
By default your Twogere Account subscription is Free. Click here for more information

Every item posted to Twogere indicates whether or not the person who uploaded it is offline or 0nline.

If available, you will be able to enter Meeting Rooms to consult, negotiate and discuss with them

Bookings are a wonderful time saver helping clients to connect with you even if you are offline.
When you set bookings on items you upload, this enables clients to schedule to meet you the moment you get back online.

To protect against impersonation, you need to confirm items you submit using upload forms on the Twogere Website.
The activation option is provide inside your virtual room under the My Uploads section on the side-menu

With Twogere, you no longer need to maintain a contacts directory nor share sensitive personal information in order to carry out business online.
ALL sessions are encrypted and conversations anonymous by default

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