Live Marketing

So we want to eliminate the need for intermediaries. We want to encourage direct linking between buyers and sellers.

With the live marketing concept, you have a product or service and we want to give you the opportunity to talk directly to your potential customers and turn them into actual customers. So with this you get the opportunity to share your ideas directly with people who actually want to get them.

You don’t want to get a diluted concept of what you have transmitted to your customers or would-be-target customers. For instance you have a house, you want to rent it out. You are the best person to answer questions about your house so why not take the time and explain your house to someone who wants to rent.

So live marketing is a concept we’re pushing out on our portal through video.


We’ve also thought about the fact that for products that last a day, in order to encourage click through, you could purchase coupons and have them advertised on your product item page, so people are encouraged to talk to you much faster. In this case, it’s like you rent a room for the whole day and anyone can actually come in and discuss with you until you get a sale.


In case you haven’t yet sold and want an extension, all you need to do is top-up your credit.