Live Marketing through Video

Have you ever been at the supermarket and someone in a company’s branded clothing approaches you and asks you if you like to sample their product? That face-to-face interaction between the customer and the brand is what defines live marketing.

Brands use live marketing for brand awareness. They want customers to see what their brand has to offer, essentially planting the idea of their brand in customer’s minds for present or future investment. At the same time, live marketing will generate leads for your company and build your CRM.


Live marketing is outside traditional marketing. Before, you would see a billboard ad or see a printed ad in the newspaper. Live marketing strays away from those traditional marketing tactics and gears towards having customers interact with their brand. This creates more of a memorable experience for the customers because they were able to interact with your brand and ask questions about your brand.

Marketers love using live marketing experiences to test their products. Marketers get to see first hand how people interact and react to their product. Depending on the outcome, the information gained from live marketing experiences is crucial for marketers. The information gained from these live marketing experiences can be:

  • Brand recognition
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer engagement
  • Lead data collection
  • Product testing, what worked and what didn’t work
  • Get instant customer feedback
  • Increased sales

The beauty of this is customers can engage in live marketing experiences anywhere! We are using Video Technology here to help leverage this experience for you. Create your strategy and use this platform to create incredible live marketing experiences for your business.

As a Marketer, you will find this platform the the most easy to use, cost friendly and interactive to truly optimize your live marketing experience!