Sacred Whispers Experts Online | Linking Those-in Need to Specialists through Video Technology

A Family Portal

We created this Portal after realizing there were hundreds if not thousands of people in need everyday of specialist consultancy services. During our research for alternative services focused on providing online specialist availability to the masses, it became apparent that the value of a single specialist meant more to us than any other item we could think of marketing.

As we learned more about different fields, we became very passionate

Using Video isn’t a fad. It’s a lifestyle through which we can create..

We believe …

The Guys

Gilbert Mwambu
Distinguished Engineer

Gilbert is the Founding Director of Computer Forensics Consult and also the Sacred Whispers Project

Rachel Abaho
Software Engineer

Rachel is a Software Engineer who has served various roles in a number of AI systems design projects ranging from features engineering, to code implementations using popular development frameworks.

Tendo Nakiirija
Quantitative Surveyor

Tendo is a Quantitative Surveyor who also brings rich experience in developing production processes for large scale manufacturing.

John Kyeyune
Data Analyst

John has extensive experience in developing software for financial modeling, mobile devices, data mining, business intelligence and data warehousing in the telecommunications industry