Earn Online as a Consultant

If one of your dreams has been to work and earn online from the comfort of your home but wondered how exactly you could, wonder no more.

We’ve invested in making that dream a reality for you here on Twogere..and I might add, in an extremely easy way.
Here’s ALL you need to do to get started


01. Register as a Consultant / Expert / Specialist.

If you haven’t already, fill in the Expert Registration Form and provide basic information that will help people to understand what you have to offer

-Give a brief and/or detailed description of your field of expertise

-Upload one or more pictures that represent you or clearly portray what you do

-Provide your working email address and registered mobile phone number so we (at Twogere) can identify and keep in touch with you when we need to send you notifications, links to meeting rooms as well as pushing through your payments.

-Provide your Online Schedule. Tell us and your clients, which days and times you will generally be available on Twogere for online meetings.This information will appear on your page so people can know your programme in advance and prepare to meet with you.
-Choose whether you wish to register as a PAID or Non-Paid Consultant. If you choose to be a PAID consultant, you have the option of selecting how much to charge as Consultation fees.
We provide default suggested rates for 7, 13 and 29 minute sessions. You may choose to apply our rates or adjust them to your liking.

02. Get Online for Meetings

Twogere provides Meeting Rooms for people to consult you without you having to give out your personal contact information.

When you are ready, simply click the Get Online link anywhere on Twogere and choose how long you are available to consult.  When a client selects to meet you, we will send you a Meeting Room link via email where you will find him or her waiting to talk to you.

People who view your page will see your online status, whether or not you are in a meeting, for how long as well as how much time you have remaining before going offline