Confirm Payment

If you just ordered an Item-for-Sale which had Twogere-Pay enabled, Scroll down to finalize payment transfer to Seller.

On the next page, you will need to input the Payment Release Code you received when you made the Order.
To Cancel an Order, simply skip this process & the money will be automatically returned to your account within 3 hours from time of transaction. 

Twogere-PAY is a Service Offered to Sellers that enables them receive direct payment for Items they put on Sale. Instead of meeting Clients to physically receive payment, transfers are made from the Buyer’s account directly to the Seller’s account on Twogere

Through Twogere-Pay, sellers can confidently process transactions knowing clients they interact with are well able to pay for items ordered. They only need to focus on speedy delivery as well as exceeding client’s expectations.

Please note the Payment is held temporarily by Twogere until the Buyer Confirms Delivery, through use of a Payment Release Code to finalize the Transaction.
Otherwise, the transaction is cancelled, both parties notified and the funds are automatically returned to the Client’s Twogere-Account after 3 Hours

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