Who are Your Real Clients?

Most often than not your REAL Clients aren’t in your phone book. They’re not on your whatsapp network or your friends on Facebook. They are strangers from a far away land.

You have a product or service, or an idea, or are an expert in some rare field. But in addition you might also have a large network of followers on your social network of friends and family. Yet you’ll be surprised that when you finally finish working on that project and that product is finally out, only a handful of those in your circle will actually have need for what you’re delivering.

Even with these large numbers of contacts in our phone books, or email addresses, let’s face it squarely; Many times the people who we spend time the bulk of our working hours to impress, our clients, customers and consumers of our products aren’t the people who swamp our address books.


They are the unknowns, who live in far-away-land 🙂

Which is why this platform is here to help connect you to people outside your phone contacts, email and other social networks you are part of, who quite frankly, are really the ones increasing your turnover.

So take advantage of the live marketing opportunities available to you through virtual rooms and really take your business to the next level.

All the Best!